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Domain Appraisals

AppraiseMyDomain.co.uk is Own This Domain's sister enterprise launched in 2010 to handle the increasing number of domain appraisal requests we've been receiving.

Due to the enormous boom in the domain name aftermarket, more people than ever are wondering how much their domain names are worth.

We appraise single domains for a fee of £30. Discounts are available on bulk appraisal requests of between 2-10 domains. Please take a look at our price list...

1 domain = £30
2 domains = £55
3 domains = £80
4 domains = £100
5 domains = £120
6 domains = £140
7 domains = £155
8 domains = £170
9 domains = £185
10 domains = £195
Quotes for more than 10 domains / portfolios available on request


What are your appraisals like?

Our appraisals are detailed reports looking at all aspects of your domain name - all valuations are backed up with justifying evidence and may include information about recent sales, brandability, search engine friendliness, similar domains active on the web, possible regional issues, potential complications, and much more.

Your appraisal will be as long or as short as the domain dictates but, on average, our appraisals range between 500-1,500 words.

Are you able to appraise any extension?

Yes we appraise all domains - .com, .net, .co.uk, .de, anything. However, OTD primarily trades in .co.uk / org.uk generic domains and it's particularly the UK domain marketplace where we have the greatest expertise.

Who will write my appraisal?

All appraisals are written by OTD director Richard Harwood.

When will I get my appraisal?

All appraisals are e-mailed as PDF attachments. Reports normally take between 3 and 7 working days to complete depending on appraisal workload.

I want to order a domain appraisal, what should I do next?

Please write to appraisals@ownthisdomain.co.uk with the domains you wish to have appraised. We'll then confirm your order, send a PayPal invoice, and provide you with a completion date.

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